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  1. Thank you Uwatch team for providing movies. You are doing great efforts to entertaining the all viewers.

    Kindly load the Punjabi film “Honsla Rakh”.

    Thank you

  2. Put Naruto In Bro Like this shit we all ready watch plz put in naruto series man like im actually getting tired of watchin the same shit so plz give us naruto series and boruto.

  3. Hi. The UK TV Series “Last of the summer wine” would be good on this site. It was the top comedy series for over thirty years. Thank You.

  4. Can u upload ‘ Belle anime movie 2021’ please!
    ‘ Pokemon the movie: secrets of the jungle’ please!
    ‘ My hero academia: World’s hero mission’ please!

  5. Uwatch Team : The Free guy movie 2021 which you one have uploaded is Not proper, don’t know from where did you get it because there are deleted scenes, there are few scenes which are not in the one you have uploaded. It’s a cut version movie please go through the trailer and then watch the movie which you have uploaded you will find some scenes are Missing from the movie. Please fix this.

  6. Can you please upload horror comedy:
    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988) and
    Elvira, Haunted Hills (2001)

    Everything Elvira did would be nice! Thank you, I LOVE uwatchfree!!

  7. please uwatchfree upload the Assamese movie called AAMIS. In English, it’s called RAVENING,

    Movies like aamis and kothanodi are great and should be in this incredibly;e site of yours.

    Would really appreciate it if you upload these master piece from the Assamese movie. Thank you.

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